Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Love This Diet Program

A friend told me yesterday that she was spending over $800 a month on Jenny Craig including both the frozen entrees and the fresh food she still has to buy at the grocery store. For one person, that seems steep for a lot of budgets. A quick calculation of my groceries every month and I don't even spend half of that.

Since my friend was telling me she couldn't continue paying for Jenny, I started perusing the internet to see what else is out there, and what did my curious eyes find?

I've never tried "I Love This Diet," but it looks like the DIY version of Jenny Craig (owned by Nestle) put together by dietitians using all kinds of grocery store frozen entrees like Lean Cuisine (also owned by Nestle), Healthy Choice, Smart Ones, and more. Each day is broken down into 1300-1750 calories depending on your weight and gender.

For a 1 time fee of $47.97 you get daily meal plans like the one posted below:

In addition, I Love This Diet sends coupons to your email address for the frozen entrees it recommends. According to the site, the frozen meals should cost around $2.00 each, and with the fresh foods and breakfast items that you still need to purchase, 4 weeks on the plan should cost under $200.

There's also a recipe guide for the days you may want to cook and a guide for eating out at various restaurants.

Of course you won't get personalized weigh-ins or chats with counselors, but if the Jenny Program is a budget buster, and you don't have any health conditions, I Love This Diet may just be the perfect do-it-yourself substitute to get on the right track for your weight loss goals.