Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Triangle Of Happiness

Keeping in theme of the distaste I have over the company I work at administering a ridiculous PI survey to me, I found YET ANOTHER online quiz that I deem as accurate as the silliness of choosing adjectives in a calculating way.

This one is the Triangle Of Happiness which has you score your job on money, people, and work to find out how thrilled you are to work for a corporation.

I'm in a foul mood today about to embark on a 6 day business trip with my entire company. My score....well, let's just say it says I'm "floating along" just like"a huge number of other people," but am much better off than the majority of test takers that fluctuate between "kind of happy" and not really happy. Woo hoo! I'm doing better than most!

 I wonder when I return and am home for a bit with my friends and family if the score will change.

...and truth be told, I actually like my job, I just don't like corporate BS and ridiculous personality tests.

The site recommends you come back every 3 months to retake the test before making any major career changes.

...and if you rely on these "tools" to help you make life decisions, well, let's just say you're as silly as any company using the PI survey to monitor potential or current employees.

Here ya go, kids: